Investing in Mykolaiv. Grains and Brains
Investing in Mykolaiv. Grains and Brains
Gateway to Ukraine’s breadbasket wealth hopes to inspire the reinvention of industrial heartlands

“For the coming decades, much of Ukraine’s economic prosperity will depend on the vast grain shipments flowing out across the Black Sea to feed the growing global population. Europe’s breadbasket has become the world’s breadbasket, and the gateway is Mykolaiv. More grain and agricultural produce leaves Ukraine via Mykolaiv than any other port. This is hardly surprisingly – the city’s excellent riverside facilities and inland location close to Ukraine’s black earth heartlands make it ideal as a point of departure for agricultural exports. ” – about it and more of the great past, present time and not less outstanding future you can find on pages of the BUSINESS UKRAINE ISSUE 05/2017

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