• Partnership
    We develop our partnership network constantly to deliver services of the highest quality in the shortest period of time.
  • Development
    We develop our skills constantly to grant your company the highest added value.
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    We concentrate all our efforts and skills to reach the goal of every project and expectations of every customer.
Added Value for Your Company
Our services, expertize, knowledge will develop your company’s hidden potential to make your business more valuable
Strategy Consulting
Do you want your competitors to talk about you in their boardrooms? Do you have a clear guide on how to deal with your resources? Does everyone in your company know your strategy and what should they do to reach the goals? For us strategy is not only about planning. We develop a strategy, that definitely takes you to the result.
Investment Consulting
We will lead you the whole way from the idea through the project to results. No matter where are you right now. We will evaluate your concept, develop the investment project with all needed documentation, calculation, and analysis, and will manage its successful implementation. On top of that you will get all our knowledge in organization development, finance, investor relation management, fundraising, and M&A to gain maximum value for your company.
Crisis Management
Is something damaging the reputation of your business? Or going to damage, or even damaged already? Come over and we will analyze all factors, develop plan and procedures and even cure your business. We know the value of reputation!
Legal Services
Thinking about investment, development, or any other deal? Hesitating about the risks? Our legal expertise and experience will minimize all threats and protect your business transactions. We will grant your soft sleep while making your ideas real.
Business Planning
Making money is easy when you have a detailed guide. We will make a step by step instructions for you on how to boost your business or idea to the size of your dreams and even bigger. First step of successful business plan is easy and free for you – just contact us.
Digital Marketing
Are you tired of running around city looking for your customers? We will turn your brand into a magnet that attracts customers and partners from the whole world to your office. They will be getting decent information about you from a right place at a favorable time to make the best decision – to be with you.

Our one-stop-shop management consultancy services ensure tailor-made offers and information packages for companies interested to gain value added. You will get access to necessary information about available investment sites, incentives, labour market, business environment, suppliers and more.
We help your company to deliver strategic investment decisions by providing accurate information and relevant advice as well as mediate between government and business based on your inputs to ensure our common success.
Mission & Vision
Our mission is to provide investors, existing and expanding business with relevant analytics and effective solutions to grow their companies and improve their competitiveness. 
All needed assessment, research, and analysis for the right positioning and value increase of the project.
Investment project support
The efficient action plan, bottle-necks and solution definition.
Further mentoring, monitoring, and development of the project.
Our collection of investment projects offers you high quality, prescreened, legally transparent and ready-to-launch investment opportunities for potential investors. 
MIA also facilitates the project owners for successful preparation and presentation of their projects, by constant consultation and specialized education courses. 
  • Market Research
    Demand for the Purchase of Special Equipment Among Local Authorities in Ukraine
    Goal of the project To designate procurement plans of local authorities for the purchase of trucks, special equipment, buses, and trolleybuses. To reduce the cost of marketing campaigns by creating an information and analytical framework that increases the effectiveness of marketing decisions.
  • Creation of analytical presentation complex "Invest in Mykolaiv"
    Elaboration of actual presentation kit about the city for potential investors. Promotion of Mykolaiv investment potential.
    Budget USD 56 000
    Goal of the project To promote Mykolaiv investment potential.
    Initiator MI "Mykolaiv Development Agency"
  • MDEM 4.0 Corporate Event
    Goal of the project To excite company employees and partners by the latest technological innovations and achievements of the 4-th industrial revolution, and to provoke innovative thinking during everyday work.
    Initiator Marine Design Engineering Mykolaiv
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