Ukraine is World No. 1 in “Ease of Doing Business” Gains Since 2010
Ukraine is World No. 1 in “Ease of Doing Business” Gains Since 2010
In accordance with Financial Times newspaper Ukraine made a world-beating progress as country which still moves away from inherited Soviet economic model

Another one statement about Ukraine's position in the worldwide economic gives the Financial Times newspaper - an authoritative source of business and economic news.

Research made by the Financial Times demonstrates that Ukraine is the world’s most improved country in the World Bank’s authoritative "Ease of Doing Business" survey since 2010. Such results reflect Ukraine’s constantly increasing of the business climate quality despite continued concerns over the weak judiciary and still powerful oligarchic influence on the country’s business and political spheres.

During the period 2010-2017, Ukraine’s score climbed from 39.69 to 63.9, an increase of 24.21 points that represented the largest growth compared to any country in the world.

These findings are a good sign for Ukraine but they can't hide the main problems the country continues to fight in attracting international investment. Now Ukraine ranks No. 80 of the “Ease of Doing Business” list. Nonetheless, the country continues to lag behind other regional economies especially in the context of the slow pace of post-Maidan reforms.

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